9985G Carbon PU Foam Senior and Int goalie stick

  • €139.00

9985G Carbon has extra stiff blade which makes it a great choice for goalies who like to play the puck actively and who are looking for perfection in rebound control.


    • Reinforcing carbon fiberglass laminate throughout the stick – from shaft to heel to give the whole stick extra resistance, stability and stiffness.
    • Thin paddle shape for light weigth, better control and puck handling.
    • Excellent vibration dampening due to balanced consistence of PU foam in the paddle.
    • Optimal stiffness from heel to toe
    • Texalium covered blade with the carbon fabric reinforcement                                
  • Construction
  • Shaft

    - Lightwood core

    - Birch reinforcements on the edges

    - Carbon fiberglass laminate reinforced


    - Carbon fiber laminate reinforced PU core

    - 100% carbon fabric exterior


    - Carbon fabric reinforced blade for increased stiffness

    - Thin shaped light PU foam construction

    - Unique texalium outer coating


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