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Hello, can you guess what´s the coolest thing about Anaheim Ducks according to Jacob Larsson? Read the interview below and find out. Young Julian asked the questions and finished it up with a challenge.
Julian Vs Jacob
Julian: Hi, I got some questions for you!
Julian Question 1: I wish for a Iphone 7 Plus this christmas, what do you want?
Jacob: I haven´t been thinking so much about that but for sure it would be nice to have a Apple computer.
Julian Question 2: How and when did you know you wanted to be a pro hockey player?
Jacob: I always wanted to be a hockey pro and started to play when I was 6 years old. Frölunda called me up when I was in 9th grade and that´s when I realized my dream could come true.
Julian Question 3: Which hockey player is your biggest idol?
Jacob: Oliver Ekman Larsson, Phoenix Coyotes and Niklas Lidström when he was playing.
Julian Question 4: My playing style is physical and though, what´s yours?
Jacob: I´m not that physical, I´m rather a game skilled player with good passing ability. But if you need to tackle sometimes I will off-course do so.
Julian Question 5: How do you motivate yourself during hard times?
Jacob: You always need to have a positive mind-set and remember times or situations where you performed well. It´s really crucial to leave all negative energy behind, otherwise it will take over.
Julian Question 5: What makes you happy?
Jacob: When other people are happy.
Julian Question 6: What´s the coolest thing about Anaheim Ducks?
Jacob: Must be the weather, some teams in the NHL has really cold weather but Anaheim is +20 degrees.
Julian Question 7: Can you tell me about your NHL draft?
Jacob: I went over for the NHL draft together with my family and I also had a lot of interviews with different teams before going over. I was pretty sure to be picked in the end of first round or beginning of second. Anaheim picked me as no 27 choice and it was a great day.
Julian: Now it´s time for one final thing. We will grab our skates and go out on the ice for a challenge.
Jacob: Sounds great, looking forward to it!
Challenge: They should skate as Julian is drawing on the white-board and be the first to get the puck in the net.

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